Saturday, 24 March 2018

Lipids their Structures, Characteristics and their Functions|Biochemistry|

You are learn in Lipids
Fatty acids, their types and major characteristicsTypes of Fatty acid
1. Unsaturated fatty acid
2. Saturated fatty acid
Storage Lipids
Acylglycerols and thier structure
Structural Lipids in membranes
There are Following membrane in lipids are describes.
1.Glycerophospholipids, that are the hydrophobic regions which
consist of two fatty acids joined to glycerol; 
2.Sphingolipids, that consist of single fatty acid that joined to a fatty amine, sphingosine; and sterols, compounds rigid system of four fused hydrocarbon rings.
Sterols and their Structure
Cholesterol and their structure
Glycolipids and their structure
Major functions of lipids

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